Research Internships with NAPICU

NAPICU is developing the role of unpaid internships. This would be an ideal opportunity for recently qualified psychologists or ST Trainees in psychiatry, but in line with NAPICU’s multidisciplinary nature, we are inviting applications from qualified nurses, psychologists, social workers, doctors, pharmacists or occupational therapists to assist with the following projects:

National Survey of PICUs and low secure units

A previous survey was conducted in 2001 leading to several publications within the Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care. Successful applicants will be involved in the project tendering process and refine applications for project funding and ethics approval. They will report to the Director of Research and work closely with the Membership Lead in ensuring the survey is completed by units within the UK. The survey is expected to result in a document, and several scientific papers.

Development of Standards for Adolescent PICUs

In conjunction with other stakeholders, NAPICU is leading on development of these standards. Upon publication of the standards, any successful applicant would be included within the list of contributors.

For full details about research internships with NAPICU and how to apply click here to download application information.