NAPICU has recently ceased its collaboration with the CCQI in relation to AIMS-PICU. The CCQI future strategy intends to harmonise all AIMS standards in order to develop the framework across a wide range of mental health areas in community adult mental health and children’s services. This will then form their quality assessment framework across these Mental Health Services. A variation of these broad applicable standards is under development for PICU services and communications from the CCQI will be sent out to AIM-PICU units very soon to confirm this. Given this change in approach, it was no longer possible for NAPICU to be able to continue in this partnership to develop specialists standards for intensive care.

NAPICU has always held any of our assessment frameworks including AIMS-PICU and the multi-disciplinary aspects of care delivery must be designed specifically for and collaboratively within specialities in order to be as meaningful as possible; this is to make the quality requirements which NAPICU actively endorse as rigorous as possible.

We wished to assure members that this change in no way affects the support you receive from NAPICU through your membership and we have been very encouraged by the units that have worked actively to the standards required of our quality frameworks.

These frameworks drive practice and better patients care and is something NAPICU will continue to promote and actively develop as practical assessment of implementation of the National Minimum Standards of Intensive Care. Furthermore we will  continue to develop guidance specific to the diversifying intensive care specialism to support our members by keeping our assessment standards as aligned as possible to these specialisms.