Executive Committee Elections

In keeping with the NAPICU Constitution we held formal elections for the Executive Committee on Thursday 8th September 2016 at our Annual General Meeting.

Members of the Executive Committee were elected into positions which were due for review.

The Executive Committee would like to formally announce the next NAPICU AGM will take place during the Annual Conference on Friday 8th September 2017 at 09.15am. (We would like to extend our welcome to all members who are in attendance at the conference, and remind members you have the right to vote)

In 2017 the following posts will be elected:

  1. Carer representative
  2. Deputy treasurer
  3. Director of Operations
  4. Deputy Director of Scientific Programmes
  5. Director of Research
  6. Director of Educational Programmes
  7. EC member without portfolio
  8. EC member without portfolio

We will be co-opting two recent “observers” to the Executive Committee as both have been in attendance at least two meetings as observers and are keen and interested to participate in the longer term:

  • Jules Haste
  • Dr Hamid Alhaj

 To view the constitution, click here