Dominic Beer

In Memory of Dr Dominic Beer 

Consultant psychiatrist, PICU and challenging behaviour expert, cricketer, historian, artist.

Dr Dominic Beer

Dominic Beer died peacefully, aged 57, on 19th April 2013.

Dominic is survived by his loving wife and four children, and innumerable clinicians and patients, whose lives he touched with his counsel and wisdom.

Dominic was one of the founding members of NAPICU, and if not for his leadership the discipline of psychiatric intensive care and challenging behaviour would not be where it is today. Over the past two decades Dominic was a dear friend, mentor, and colleague to virtually all past and present members of the NAPICU Executive. Whether in the hospital ward, in the NAPICU Executive, or on a personal level, he drew people towards him, with his gentle, sensitive and kind manner and was always willing to give his time and wisdom to others with a welcome and a smile.

He was a kind, gracious and thoughtful man, who was committed to his family, Christian faith and profession.

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