Guidance for Commissioners of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) 2016

NAPICU are very proud to announce the New Guidance for Commissioners of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) 2016, this document is now available on the NAPICU website…

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This document provides summary guidance for commissioners with regard to the commissioning of psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs) to meet the needs of their population whilst achieving the ambition of the Five Year Forward View (NHS, 2014): patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

Dr Faisil Sethi, Vice Chair of the National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units said “We are delighted to have worked in collaboration with the Mental Health Commissioners Network to develop this guidance. The challenges we face, can be overcome through joint working between clinicians, managers and commissioners. PICU is a critical component of the acute inpatient care pathway, and this guidance champions the best of practice, with the primary aim of improving patient experience in PICUs.”

Dr Phil Moore, Chair of NHS Clinical Commissioners Mental Health Commissioners Network said “This guidance, which looks at the evidence and best practice around psychiatric intensive care units, is intended to assist and support commissioners and providers to ensure they have appropriate services for one of the most vulnerable and at risk groups in society – those who have an acute mental health crisis. The patients who need it deserve the very best in PICU provision, and I strongly believe that following the recommendations set out here will be the most effective and efficient way for this care to be delivered.”

To download your copy of the Commissioners Guidance Document, please click here.

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