Integrating Relational Security and Trauma Informed Approach to Deliver Client Centred Care and Ward Safety

Mr Olukayode Alao

This presentation aims at the benefits of integrating the relational security framework with the trauma informed approach to elicit and understand client’s perspectives towards their care. The overarching objective is to promote client centred approach in care delivery. The professionals utilise the relational security explorer of See-Think-Act as the framework to nurture relationships, promote trust, interest, authenticity and connectivity with clients. The framework acts as an important component of therapeutic engagement, risk assessment, management and care delivery. Additionally, because of the potentially long-lasting effects of negative impact of trauma on physical and mental health, the basic way to address patients’ history of trauma is to gain trust of clients prior to making attempt to explore information for case formulation. Trauma Informed Approach helps the professionals to understand clients perspectives regarding adverse experiences. It also helps the organisation to effectively mitigate risks and promote safety through effective utilisation of resources with SMART objectives.