Laura Canty

Expert by Experience Speaker, Perinatal Mental Health

Part time business consultant, part time mum, and now part time author. My first book, Something to Live For is a memoir recounting my thoughts, feelings and all of the emotions between bringing my son home from hospital to being discharged from a Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) in 2018.

This book leaves nothing on that table. It’s been harrowing, cathartic and on the whole enjoyable to write. My hope is that it helps many who find themselves in similar situations feel not so alone. And if one person receives the help they need to feel themselves again after reading this book, that would make me so incredibly happy.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield University and then went on to have a number of jobs (old peoples home, petrol station, waitress, PA, admin assistant…) until I settled at BAE Systems in a role as a Business Consultant. I realise this doesn’t mean a lot to a lot of people. I basically am the glue that helps super bright, techy type people understand a client’s problems and between us, we come up with solutions we propose back to them and hopefully go on to implement.

I’d been working full time until I was 37 and was fortunate enough to conceive our first child. I was supposed to have 9 months of maternity leave but having spent 3 months of that in hospital, I was off work for a total of 14 months. I now have a new perspective on the world, new skills and an ever deeper love for the NHS.

Work now takes up 4 days a week while my son enjoys playing and learning from the fabulous staff at his nursery – hence why I count myself as a part time mum! I live in Cheltenham with my husband, son, baby daughter and our springer spaniel Alma.