Online CPD

The links on this page enable members to complete online multiple choice questions, as part of their continuing professional development.

The questions are based on information you can find in ‘Psychiatric Intensive Care (2nd edition)’ by Beer, Pereira and Paton published by Cambridge University Press (2008), and are arranged in chapters matching those in the book, so you can test your knowledge as you read through it.


1. Click on a chapter link to open the quiz for that chapter in a new window

2. For every question there is a stem followed by several multiple choice answers. There may be one, or more than one, correct answer for every question.  Tick only the correct answers, as incorrect answers will reduce your total score.

3. When you have achieved a pass grade fill in your name on the form provided and press print to obtain a certificate.

Part 1 – Therapeutic interventions

Chapter 1: Psychiatric intensive care – development and definition

Chapter 2: Management of acutely disturbed behaviour

Chapter 3: De-escalation

Chapter 4: Rapid tranquilisation

Chapter 5: Pharmacological therapy

Chapter 6: Psychological approaches to the acute patient

Chapter 7: Psychological approaches to longer-term patients presenting with challenging behaviours

Chapter 8: Seclusion – past, present and future

Chapter 9: Restraint and physical intervention

Chapter 10: The complex needs patient

Chapter 11: Therapeutic activities within Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and Low Secure Units

Chapter 12: Risk assessment and management

Part 2 – Interface Issues

Chapter 13: The provision of intensive care in forensic psychiatry

Chapter 14: The interface with forensic services

Chapter 15: Supporting people with learning disabilities on general psychiatric wards, PICUs and LSUs

Chapter 16: The interface with general psychiatric services

Chapter 17: The interface with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Chapter 18: Severe mental illness and substance abuse

Chapter 19: Social work issues in PICUs and LSUs

Chapter 20: User and carer involvement

Part 3 – Management of the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit / Low Secure Unit

Chapter 21: Setting up a new Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit: principles and practice

Chapter 22: Physical environment

Chapter 23: Managing the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Chapter 24: Multidisciplinary teams within PICUs / LSUs

Chapter 25: National standards and good practice