Chapter 10: The complex needs patient

There is evidence of relatively high risk of QTc prolongation with which of the following?


Compared to the general population patients with schizophrenia have increased rates of which of the following?


Which of the following terms are used, often inappropriately, to describe complex needs patients?


Which of the following did Nasrallah (2003) report as having a modest dose-independent short-term weight gain?


Horwath et al (1996) found that the likelihood of injecting drug use was greater among which of the following?


According to Niederecker et al’s (1995) study, in which 1046 HIV-positive patients were screened, how many of these patients suffered from a psychotic illness?


In Chung and Corbett’s (1998) study on staff burnout, compared to community-based staff, hospital-based staff …


Which of the following are characteristics of complex needs patients in Psychiatric Intensive Care Units?


Which of the following risk factors have been identified with the prolongation of the QTc interval?


What percentage of patients with schizophrenia are overweight or obese?


According to Olfson et al (1999) the combination of which of the following increased the risk of returning to homelessness within 3 months of discharge?


Staff training on cultural differences should include aspects of which of the following?


The World Health Organization suggested which of the following criteria to identify metabolic syndrome (Thakdore 2005)?


Which of the following are characteristics of new long-stay patients?


The US Food and Drug Administration issued diabetes warnings in 2004 associated with the administration of which of the following?


Which of the following, as described by Kane (1996), are main factors that can lead to treatment resistance?


The life expectancy of patients with schizophrenia is how many years shorter than that of the general population?


There is evidence of modest risk of QTc prolongation with which of the following?


Compared to the white British population, the Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities found prevalence rates of psychotic illness were …


In the event of developing cancer patients with schizophrenia have a …


According to Macpherson et al (1996), there is strong evidence to suggest that well-structured educational sessions can have an impact on a patient’s concordance with medication?


The incidence of irritable bowel syndrome in people with schizophrenia is?