Chapter 15: Supporting people with learning disabilities on general psychiatric wards, PICUs and LSUs

Depression in people with learning disability can …


Randomised controlled trials in children and adults with autism and learning disability with significant behavioural problems found low-dose fluvoxamine was …


Which of the following are explanations for delusional thinking in learning disabled patients?


Epilepsy treatment in learning disability may involve which of the following psychiatric adverse effects?


Dacey et al (1999) found a high correlation between IQ and which domain subscale of the Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scale in people with mild and moderate learning disability?


Which of the following statements are correct with regard to using psychotropic drugs in adults with learning disability?


Patients with mild learning disability may experience problems with understanding due to which of the following?


Which of the following drugs are commonly used outside their normal licensed indications?


Mild learning disability is associated with a measured IQ of …


Which of the following are the core features of autism?


Which of the following are essential features of learning disability?


Which of the following are examples of challenging behaviour?


What percentage of people with mild learning disability also have autism?


In Flynn et al’s (2002) survey of patients in low and medium secure inpatient facilities specialising in learning disability what was the approximate prevalence of severe personality disorder?


Which of the following are characteristic impairments of communication in individuals with autism?


Which of the following drugs are an effective treatment of severe impulsive aggression in patients with learning disability where other treatments have failed?


What is the ICD-10 definition of learning disability?


Prevalence rates of severe challenging behaviour are most frequent in …


The process of identifying the motivation for behaviour as an attempt at communication is also called what?


When planning for a clinical interview with an individual with learning disability which of the following should be kept in mind?


There is a particular risk of acquiescence and suggestibility when a vulnerable individual is …