Chapter 20: User and carer involvement

Bullivant (2006) suggested which of the following guidelines for working with a user consultant in a meeting?


Which of the following are parts of the Pathways User Empowerment Model?


Ideally staff support should include which of the following?


High expressed emotion has been found to negatively affect a patient’s …


Which of the following statements apply to user involvement?


The NHS Service Delivery and Organisation Research and Development Programme (2004) described which of the following factors as assisting in the process of user involvement?


The National Minimum Standards for General Adult Services in Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and Low Secure Environments guidelines suggest which of the following?


Which of the following are policy documents that stress the need for a patient-centred National Health Service?


Which of the following are correct regarding the role of an advocate?


In Crawford et al’s (2003) survey of user groups which of the following were obstacles that were identified in trying to meet the national standards for user involvement?


A good practice example of implementing the National Minimum Standards is the …


User consultants …


Östman and Kjellin (2002) found that carers reported which of the following?


The summary of the standards for carer involvement within a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit or Low Secure Unit states …