Chapter 5: Pharmacological therapy

Which of the following is the plasma level aimed for when starting  lithium?


Which of the following drugs are treatment strategies for tardive dyskinesia?


Electro convulsive therapy is associated with an increase in which of the following?


Which of the following are reasonable strategies to consider in patients not responding to antipsychotic treatment after 6 weeks?


Which of the following are correct regarding atypical antipsychotic drugs?


Which of the following are actions of monoamine oxidase inhibitors?


In aripiprazole the antipsychotic effect results from which of the following properties?


Which of the  following are recognised side effects of lithium?


Which of the following statements are correct?


After lithium has been started generally how many days until initial response to therapy?


Psychotropic medications are often prescribed off-licence for patients with borderline personality disorder to control which of the following symptom clusters?


How long might it take cyproterone acetate to work?


Open studies have suggested that what dose of risperidone is effective in treatment-resistant patients?


Which of the following are common side-effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors?


Pharmacological side-effects of tricyclic antidepressants include which of the following?


In Hegarty et al’s (1994) study what percentage of patients who had switched to placebo after a year of being symptom-free relapsed within 6-24 months?


Signs of lithium toxicity include which of the following?


What is the mortality rate associated with electro convulsive therapy?


Which of the following are adverse effects associated with carbamazepine?


Which of the following drugs did Paton and Okocha (2005) find beneficial to patients engaging in repeated self-harming behaviour?


Neuroleptic malignant syndrome is characterised by which of the following features?


Which of the  following are associated with unilateral electro convulsive therapy when compared with bilateral treatment?


Response to clozapine is associated with plasma levels of greater than?


Hypthyroidism due to lithium occurs in what percentage of women?


Electro convulsive therapy is commonly administered?