Chapter 7: Psychological approaches to longer-term patients presenting with challenging behaviours

Which of the following are examples of automatic thoughts?


A mother and her child are playing together.  The mother leaves and the child becomes increasingly distressed, and is still unable to settle once the mother returns.  According to Ainsworth et al (1978) the child has which type of insecure attachment?


As identified by George et al (1996), the ‘unresolved’ adult state of mind suggests that a person?


Patients exhibiting challenging behaviours are conceptualised as bringing which of the following clinical problems to the treating team?


Which of the following are principals of motivational interviewing?


When treating challenging behaviours in the ward setting, which of the following are goals which should be focused on within a psychological approach?


Which of the following pairs represents a correspondence between Ainsworth et al’s (1978) insecure attachment patterns, and George et al’s (1996) adult states of mind?


Ainsworth et al (1978) identified which of the following as insecure attachment patterns?


Linehan (1993) identified which of the following as groups of behaviour that interfere with therapy?


Melanie Klein hypothesized what as the earliest stage of emotional development?


Linehan (1993) developed which of the following as core skills needed for borderline personality and challenging behaviour patients?


Which of the following psychological dynamics did Campling (1999) identify as working against a positive therapeutic relationship?


A patient with mild thought disorder has been making serious attempts to self harm and is presenting with aggressive behaviour.  The nursing team resolve any concerns to the best of their ability, and the patient soon returns to their bedroom, only to emerge some hours later in a furious and abusive state leading to restraint.  When calm the patient states that they felt suicidal while lying down and could not elaborate further.  Which of the following are possible reasons for this challenging behaviour?


Which of the following are examples of Beck’s (1996) faulty thought processes?


What does RAID stand for?


When a maladaptive schema fails this results in profound levels of?