Annual Conference 2008

‘Advances in preventing injury and death during physical restraint’
Alan Metherall, NAPICU Treasurer, and Raili Worthington, registered paramedic, explain the latest advances in managing safer restraint and discuss possible strategies for improving practice

‘Aripiprazole in the management of acutely disturbed behaviour’
Dr. Luiz Dractu, consultant psychiatrist, presents research on the use of aripiprazole in acute psychosis and discusses some of the evidence on managing agitation and disturbed behaviour with medication

‘National review of NHS acute inpatient mental health services in England: implications for PICUs’
Nicola Vick, of the Healthcare Commission, presents the findings of a national review into inpatient services, compares PICU with general acute wards and considers some of the implications

‘Only specialist PICUs will be able to deliver psychiatric intensive care in the future’
Dr. Stephen Pereira, NAPICU Chair, argues for the continuing development of PICU services around the country to deliver high quality care, and presents some recommendations on how that may be achieved in the future

‘PICUs as labs for the development of future psychiatric nursing science: hi-tech psychosocial care’
Prof. Len Bowers, Professor of Psychiatric Nursing at the University of London, presents research on the history of PICU care, implications for the future of mental health nurse training and suggestions for future research

‘Specialist PICUs – has beens or must haves?’
Roland Dix, Editor in chief of the Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care, argues the case for the implementation of PICU services

‘The Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care and Low Secure Units’
Roland Dix, Editor in chief of the Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care, describes the history of the journal and explains why it is the place to disseminate evidence, debate and commentary about emergency psychiatric care