Annual Conference 2009

‘Accreditation for acute inpatient mental health services (AIMS) PICU’
Dr. Stephen Pereira, NAPICU Chair, and Alan Metherall, NAPICU Treasurer, describe the background and development of the AIMS-PICU process and how wards can apply to undergo this cycle to improve care

‘Acute care – the next stage: building on the Mental Health Care Commission review’
Malcolm Rae, OBE FRCN, outlines an acute mental health care declaration for high quality and excellent care and suggests some methods by which it’s aims might be achieved

‘PICUs – physical environment’
Dr. Stephen Dye, NAPICU Director of research, explains how to design and build a PICU

‘The interface with the criminal justice system’
Dr. Faisil Sethi, NAPICU Vice chair, looks at the many ways the criminal justice system interacts with PIC and low secure units and suggests sources for guidance to improve interfaces