Annual Conference 2012

’15 years of developing national standards and delivery of high quality services’
NAPICU Chair, Dr. Stephen Pereira, discusses all that NAPICU has accomplished over the last 15 years

‘Aiming for efficient and world class secure care’
Chief Executive of the Centre For Mental Health, Sean Duggan, discusses the national challenges faced in the development of secure care

‘Benchmarking and peer review of PICUs across Greater Manchester’
Dr. Parsley Powersmith, a consultant psychiatrist from the Greater Manchester Mental Health Network, presents facts and figures gathered in reviews of local services, and considers the impact of this on a PICU MDT

‘Benchmarking mental health services’
Stephen Watkins, of the NHS benchmarking network, explains the utility of benchmarking and describes the impact this can have in sharing good practice and service development

‘Clinical leadership: personal principles / corporate imperatives’
NAPICU Director of policy, Mathew Page, shares some thoughts on leadership

‘Legal update: CTOs, transfers, DOLS and human rights’
Andrew Parsons, a solicitor with Radcliffes LeBrasseur, provides an update on some of the mental health legislation affecting work in secure care

‘Doing no harm’
Dr. Colin Dale, of Caring Solutions (UK) Ltd, provides an overview of the medical theories and research on restraint related deaths and offers ideas on how the situation might be improved

‘Creating a high quality consultant led psychiatric intensive care MDT ward round’
Dr. Peter Curtis considers lean steps to improve the quality and efficiency of ward rounds

‘What does high quality care in PICU look like?’
Four presentations that formed part of a panel discussion on high quality care in PICU
Manager, Dr. Valsraj
Nurse, Roland Dix
Occupational Therapist, Thomas Kearney
Psychiatrist, Dr. Denise Bound

‘Integration of care: physical health in severe and enduring mental illness’
Dr. C I Okocha discusses the consequences of poor physical health in people with severe and enduring mental illness and considers some of the ways these problems may be guarded against

‘Low secure and PICU commissioning guidance’
Guy Cross, from the Mental Health and Disability Division of the Department of Health, discusses the Department’s new guidance and some of the steps that have contributed to it’s development

‘Maintaining the AIMS standards’
Paul Deacon, NAPICU Deputy director of scientific programmes, talks about the experience of a unit going through the AIMS-PICU process and how the continuous cycle of improvement can be maintained

‘Mastering time – to be free’
Malcolm Rae OBE FRCN presents the conference opening address encouraging everyone to keep time for reflection to improve their own and others lives and services

‘Milestones to recovery: a view from upstream’
Dr. Michael Doyle, of the University of Manchester School of Medicine discusses the background, construction and validation of the Milestones to Recovery Framework designed to improved recovery in secure care

‘PICU care pathways and national policy’
Dr. Faisil Sethi, Vice chair of NAPICU, describes the factors to consider in creating an integrated pathway of PICU care from the local to the national level

‘Rosebank Ward sensory room: dragon’s den feedback’
The staff of Rosebank Ward, last year’s Dragon’s Den Competition winners, feedback on the innovations they were able to take forward following their successful bid in 2011

‘Using electronic monitoring (GPS tracking) to increase leave and improve leave safety: potential for PICU and low security’
Dr. John Tully, describes the use of modern technology to assist in the management of leave from inpatient secure care