Annual Conference 2013

Pre-conference training event

‘Critical thinking and prescribing’
Caroline Parker, Consultant Pharmacist, presents the evidence for good prescribing

‘Assessment of physical monitoring following rapid tranquilisation’
Dr. Stephen Dye, Consultant Psychiatrist, considers the guidance around rapid tranquilisation

Conference speakers

‘A vision for compassionate care in psychiatry’ or ‘Four lessons for organisations from geese’
Dr. Peter Carter, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, describes lessons from the natural world that apply to teams working in healthcare delivery

‘Implementing parity of esteem between mental and physical health’
Prof. Sue Bailey, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, describes the challenges facing mental health services trying to achieve parity with physical health services, and what we can all do to improve the situation

‘Evidence-based practice and street-level bureaucracy: influence at the coal-face’
Prof. Alan Simpson, Professor of Collaborative Mental Health Nursing at City University London, considers useful resources to help us navigate evidence, gives examples of where research has changed policy and suggests ways Communities of Practice can enable teams to use evidence in improving care

Team of the Year presentations
Rosebank Ward, East London NHS Foundation Trust
Trinity Unit, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Willow Suite PICU, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

‘Supervised confinement and observations’
Rachel Souster, PICU Ward Manager, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, describes a study looking at observations and interventions used on a PICU to try and reduce the use of seclusion

‘AIMS-PICU: having been AIMS-ed – the next steps’
Paul Deacon, NAPICU executive committee member, talks about the experience of a unit going through the AIMS-PICU process and how the continuous cycle of improvement can be maintained

‘Psychodynamically-informed approaches in a low secure / PICU setting’
Dr. Andrew Duff-Miller, Consultant Psychiatrist, considers the application of psychodynamic approaches in the low secure and PICU settings

‘Managing violent incidents on acute wards / PICUs – measuring incident management practice against NICE CG25’
Andy Johnston, NAPICU Executive Member and Clinical Director for Forensic Services for Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, looks at guidance on the short-term management of disturbed / violent behavior in inpatient psychiatric settings and emergency departments

‘Risk assessment made easy: the Broset Violence Checklist’
Dr. Anna Bjorkdahl, Karolinska Institute  Stockholm, describes the use of a short term violence risk assessment tool in mental health inpatient settings

‘Coercive interventions during inpatient psychiatric care: patient’s preference, prevention and effects’
Dr. Irina Georgieva, a clinical and health psychologist, presents five studies giving a European perspective on improving the use of coercive interventions in inpatient settings

‘Section 136 evidence and standards’
Dr. Chetan Kuloor and Dr. Nkechi Iwegbu, ST Trainees South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, discuss the implementation of a programme of common standards for detention under Section 136 across London

‘Child and adolescent PICU standards’
Mathew Page, Service Director Children and Young People Service 2gether NHS Foundation Trust and NAPICU Director of Policy, describes the current stage of development of standards for PICUs designed for under 18s

‘Technology symposium – know your science’
Dr. Dinal Vekaria, Consultant Psychiatrist, introduces the technology symposium

‘The technology of medicines’
Peter Pratt, Chief Pharmacist, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, and NAPICU Executive Member describes some of the ‘possible advances’ in medicines

‘Can a building make you better?’
Mike Penny, Project Director, Assured Partnership, shows some of the ways architecture and good building design can improve units and enhance caring spaces

‘The physical environment and implications for PICU design’
Petra van der Schaaf discusses how building design may be used to reduce aggressive incidents and how this may impact on the use of seclusion and restraint

‘Service user or patient – just a question of semantics?’
Dr. Stephen Pereira, NAPICU Chairman and Consultant Psychiatrist, was joined by a patient, Dr. Aileen O’Brien, Dr. Mike Isaacs and Dr. K. Valsraj to debate the pros and cons of the words we use to describe the most important people in mental health care