Annual Conference 2015

The Annual Conference 2015 Speakers Presentations are now available to view/download from below

Mr James Innes;

A Pharmacist and Quality Lead’s Journey Through PICU: A Case of the Past, Present and Future

Dr Dermot Casey;

Building Resilence in Ourselves and the People We Work With

NAPICU Team of the Year Presentations

Ms Julia Honess and Ms Rix Pyke;

The Whole Ward: Holistic Therapies as Additional Interventions on PICUs and Acute Psychiatric Wards

Dr Anna Bjorkdahl;

Lessons Learned from the Introduction of Sensory Rooms on PICUs

Miss Hannah Stevens and Mr Steven Kinch;

Managing a Patient with Co-Morbid Mental Health Illness and Learning Disabilities in a PICU

Dr Andrew Duff-Miller

Some Innovative Approaches in Low Security

Mr Andrew Parsons

Legal Perspectives MHA/MCA

Dr Faisil Sethi

Prediction of Violence and Aggression

Mr Peter Pratt

Rapid Tranquillisation (Medications) Update

Mr Paul Deacon

PICU – AIMS: Quality Standards in PICU

Dr Stephen Pereira 

Dr Dominic Beer Honorary Fellowship Presentation

Mr Eric Baskind

Violence Reduction and Restraint: What have the Past Five Years Taught Us?

Mr Guy Cross

Positive and Safe

Mr Roland Dix

PICUs and LSUs 2o Years On: Reflection, Summing Up and Thanks