Local Quarterly Meetings 2009

‘A therapeutic day’
Mandy Jones, Deputy Matron from Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, describes improvements to a PICU environment and activities programme that benefit patient care and offers some suggestions for the future

‘A therapeutic PICU’
Deborah Wildgoose, Nurse Consultant from Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, describes the benefits of following the PICU Policy Implementation Guide (DoH 2002)

‘Acute therapy services team (part 1)’
‘Acute therapy services team (part 2)’
Margaret Freeburn, Principal Physiotherapist, and Nicola Peters, Health and Exercise Practitioner from South West Yorkshire Mental Health NHS Trust, give two presentations about their occupational therapy and physiotherapy service for service users on inpatient wards

‘Breathing out – breathing in’
Prof. Peter Gilbert, Professor of Social Work and Spirituality from Staffordshire University, presents thoughts on spirituality, faith, hope and the development of holistic care in secure services

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‘Cooking up ideas: creative therapeutic working in PIC’
Janet Woodhouse, senior occupational therapist and Jenny Connolly, psychologist, consider occupational and psychology input to a PICU

‘Implementing a mental health place of safety within Langley Green’
Glenne Barba and Theresa Dorey describe the development of a new Section 136 place of safety

‘Pavilion Ward PICU’
Kate Brady, staff nurse, and Kevin Preston, charge nurse, describe a PICU admission screening process

‘Drug prescription and administration chart comparison’
Jules Haste, Lead Pharmacist, and Carol-Anne Davis-Jones, Specialist Pharmacist in Mental Health, present an audit of prescribing data across two PICUs in one trust

‘Legal issues associated with involuntary care and treatment for health care professionals’
Dr. Ram V. Seth, Consultant Psychiatrist, DME and Bar at Law, explains some of the complex areas of legal practice that confront professionals working in secure care settings

‘Creation of the PICU pathway’
John Newsome, Care Pathway Facilitator and acting Service Manager from South West Yorkshire NHS Mental Health Trust, describes the background and development of a care pathway for a PICU service

‘Derwent Ward: ICU high secure services, Rampton Hospital’
Davy Fisher, Ward Manager, provides a description of an intensive care service in a high secure setting

‘Interface between forensic services and PICUs – easing patient pathways’
Dr. Dinesh Maganty, consultant forensic psychiatrist, considers some of the challenges around the interface between forensic services and PICUs and provides options for the future development of services

‘Is there a case for the intensive care of patients with personality disorder?’
Dr. John Milton, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, makes a case for personality disorder psychiatric intensive care services

‘New ways of working on the PICU’
The multi-disciplinary team of Pavilion Ward PICU, from Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, describe an efficient and service user centered model of weekly senior ward reviews

‘Psychiatric intensive care outreach services’
Dave Austin and Munya Mwerenga, from Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, explain the development and utility of an intensive care outreach service

‘Prosecution: what does it offer?’
Ian Brown, Security Management Specialist, discusses the pros and cons of prosecution of mental health service users who break the law and gives some examples of good practice in this area

‘Reflective practice on PICUs’
Dr. Jill Tunaley, Principal Consultant Psychologist, explains the background to and the need for reflective practice in secure care settings

‘Section 136 – enhancing the service user experience’
Rebecca Edwards, Deputy Ward Manager, describes a process for improving the care of people detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act and the development of a facility to care for them

‘Seclusion – what works and a patient’s perspective’
Aum P Bennett and D Wheeldon explore attitudes towards the use of seclusion and how it can be effectively used to manage risk

‘The changing face of a high secure hospital intensive care unit’
Dr. Mark Taylor, consultant forensic psychiatrist, presents some data on the intensive care ward at Rampton Secure Hospital

‘The maintenance of morale on an intensive care unit’
Dr. Christopher Clark, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, gives a case presentation demonstrating the challenging nature of maintaining morale on a unit with complex service users

‘The national picture – messages re therapeutic engagement’
Yvonne Stoddart, Director of the National Acute Care Programme from NIMHE, presents some key themes for the future of secure care nationally

‘The use of medication in the management of violence and aggression’
Sheena Mitchell, Pharmacy Manager, considers rapid tranquillisation and the management of violence by pharmacotherapy

‘Use of anti-psychotics in the PICU setting – ensuring good practice’
Dr. Steven Choong presents guidance and standards on anti-psychotic prescribing along with an audit of real world practice