NAPICU Journal Editorials

Please find below NAPICU’s previous “Hot Topic Editiorals”

April 2022 -National guidance for transfer of prisoners to PICUs

September 2021- A nurse-led psychiatric intensive care unit: 25 years on

April 2021 – PICU and Prison

September 2020 – Acute mental health care during a pandemic: problems and progress

April 2020 – NAPICU Guidance: Introducing COVID-19 and acute disturbance 

September 2019- PICUs problems and progress: what matters?

April 2019 – Restrictive Interventions and Seclusion

September 2018 – Multidisciplinary management of acute disturbance.

April 2018 – Searching for contraband and finding answers in a PICU.

September 2017 – Seclusion What’s in a name?

April 2017 – Leaving Europe and leaving home for an out of area PICU bed who’s really paying the price.

September 2016 – The PICU personality without disorder.

April 2016 – Funding for mental health care.

August 2014 – Mechanical restraint and seclusion earning a place at the debating table.

April 2014 – Acute mental health care; lessons from opera and Iceland

August 2013 – Behind the Locked Door

April 2013 – Clusters garlands or bouquets?

August 2012 – Responding to acute crisis ways and means.

April 2012 – Hard times in low security and psychiatric intensive care.

December 2011 – Risk assessment reflection and future.

December 2010 – Profiling medium secure psychiatric intensive care unit patients.

June 2010 – Will Bradley lead us to New Horizons?

December 2009 – Suicide, mental disorder and responsibility.

June 2009 – Mechanical restraint – A philosophy of man, a philosophy of care, or no philosophy at all.

December 2008 – UK low secure units in the spotlight.

June 2007 – Psychiatric Intensive Care – What’s in a name.

July 2007 – Care pathways to acute care and the future of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units – How the dominoes line up and what makes them fall.

December 2006 – Focusing on relationship – is there room for another paradigm in Psychiatric Intensive Care.

June 2006 – Integration and specialism complementary not contradictory.

December 2005 – Informal patients in secure wards restriction of movement or liberty.

September 2005 – Psychiatric intensive care and low secure units past, present and future – introducing the Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care.