NAPICU Quarterly Meeting – Women’s PICU: A Focus on Quality Improvement

NAPICU hosted a Quarterly Meeting on Thursday 16th November 2017, at the Pullman Hotel in London. The theme of the meeting was Women’s PICU: A Focus on Quality Improvement. This event was in collaboration with CANDI, CNWL, ELFT, SLAM and the Cassel.

Speaker Presentations:

Welcome and Overview: Women’s PICU Provision & The Challenges, Dr Faisil Sethi

Multidisciplinary Pearls in Women’s PICU

Medication, Psychological Interventions, Occupational Therapy, Associated Therapies

Physical Healthcare Topics in Women’s PICU

Sexual & Reproductive Health,  Incontinence and Enuresis in Women’s PICU, Cardiovascular Risk Profiling & Obesity, Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Psychiatric Topics in Women’s PICU

Rapid Tranquillisation and RT, Managing Mania, Adult Safeguarding & Sexual Assault, Working with Women & Children Safely

Relational Insights & Personality Disorder in the Women’s PICU

Nursing Recruitment in Women’s PICUs & Nursing Competencies