PDF Presentations From the 24th Annual NAPICU Conference 2019 – Glasgow

24th Annual NAPICU Conference 2019 – Glasgow

The speakers who have agreed to thier PDF presentations are featured here for the full programme click here for the presentations click on the links.

Parallel 1 

PICU as a Specialism – All Speakers
PICU as a Specialism – Stephenn Dye

Parallel 2

Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability Informs Multidisciplinary Approaches to Reduce Restrictive Practice – Suzanne Jordon & Jade Reilly

Parallel 3

New Ways of Working and Extended Roles – Tom Tunnicliffe

Parallel 4

MDMA, Trauma, Addictions and The Future of Psychiatry – Ben Sessa
Autoimmune Causes of Psychosis: Diagnosis and Management – Belinda Lennox
So What do I do Next..?, an Update on Management of Acute Disturbance – Sotiris Posporelis

Friday Morning 

Peer Support in Secure Services – Deb Owen & Luke Elsmore

Friday Afternoon

Do I Notice Your Empathy and Compassion – The Emotional Experience – Carolyn Cleveland