Poster Abstracts

Posters will be displayed in the exhibition area of the Ramphal Building in the University of Warwick. To view the abstracts please click on the poster title below.


Poster Title

Main Author



How Do PICU Nurses Spend Their Time? A Pilot Study
Camilla Haw
Eva Kotterbova
St Andrew's Health Care
The Impact of the "Revolving Door" to Psychiatric Intensive Care: Factors involved in re-admission to a female-only PICU in South London
Natalie Lopez
Faisil Sethi
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Re-Audit of Physical Health Monitoring for Adult Inpatients on The Hadley Unit
Giri Madhavan
C. Cooper
Worcester Health and Care Trust
Routine Clinical Measures in a Newly Commissioned Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): Predictors of favourable outcomes
Rebecca Carleton
Matthew Cordiner, Patrick Hughes, Susan Cochrane, Polash Shajahan
NHS Lanarkshire
Resilience, Burnout and Psychological Well-Being in Forensic Health Care Professionals Working in a Secure Setting
Rachel Mulholland
University of Bolton
Learning from the Experience of Co-Production with a Service User Volunteer
Sudha Boojhowon
Tom Parnell
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
A Survey of Staff Opinions Towards Occupational Therapy Activities on Groups on a Psyhiatric Intensive Care Ward
Susana Veiga
Aileen O'Brien
St George's University of London
Mapping Out the "Emotional Geography" of Inpatent Activities and Milieus
Fredrik Folke
Lisa Ekselius
Uppsala University, Sweden
PICU Length of Stay and Clinical Outcomes Audit
Stephanie Learmonth
Polyxeni Christodoulou, Faisil Sethi
King's College London
Balancing safety for all with least restrictive practice: an audit and review of practice on Emerald Ward
Christine Milburn
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
A Pilot of an Alcohol Brief Intervention in a Section 136 Suite
Aileen O'Brien
Alexander Onyenobiya, Chrstine Byasi, Louise Clark
South West London & St. George's Mental Health NHS Trust
Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a PICU Specific Training Programme. A Practice Based Project
Laura Woods
Deon Loudon
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Audit on the Level of Documentation of the Use of Physical and Pharmacological Restraint in the PICU at Millbrook
George Woodger
Mark McGowan, Jo Fox, Gbenga Odeyemi
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Street Triage: An analysis of the outcomes of 'Street Triage' assessments and their impact on Mental Health Act Section 136 Referrals
Tom Menzies
Aileen O'Brien
St George's University of London
Baseline audit of metabolic screening practices for patients prescribed second generation antipsychotics at Low Secure Forensic Women's Services, Leeds
Saifullah Bangash
Jonathan King
Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Impact of New Police Liaison Service Implementation on S136 of the Mental Health Act Levelts and Rates of Conversion
Oliver Jenkins
Stephen Dye, Franklin Obeng-Asare, Nam Nguyen, Nicola Wright
Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
Can we reduce the rate and duration of seclusion by agreeing SMART targets with PICU patients?
Khalifa Elzubeir
Stephen Dye
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
Longitudinal observation of antipsychotic prescribing in female patients admitted into a female PICU
N Haque
E Whiskey, F Sethi
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust