Improve your unit


NAPICU and the Royal College of Psychiatrists have teamed up to develop an accreditation scheme called AIMS-PICU for psychiatric intensive care and low secure units in acute settings.

The first wave of units commenced assessor training in December 2009 and the programme was launched in spring 2010.  The standards are based on the National Minimum Standards, recently published evidence, patient and carer consultation and expert consensus.

Member units can join a facilitated network which runs on a three year cycle.  You then undertake a period of self assessment and review, followed by peer review during which the results of the self review are validated.  Depending on the results of these processes units are awarded a certificate of accreditation assuming they meet requisite number of standards.

Following work undertaken by the Specialist Commissioning Groups for Low Secure Services in England, the current programme is for PICUs only while NAPICU and other stakeholders work to agree additional standards.

For more information about AIMS-PICU and joining the programme view our information leaflet or visit the Royal College of Psychiatrists website.

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