national association of psychiatric intensive care units

Specialist Networks

NAPICU have a number of specialist networks. These networks meet and discuss issues, share best practices and promote staff support in their specialised area.
Currently, we have two networks and are exploring the possibility of expanding this to include other specialisms.

There is a paucity of research literature related to occupational therapy in the specialised field of PICU, and a lack of information relating to occupational therapists’ needs, challenges or what constitutes good practice. 

To address this and increase knowledge of the scope and practice of occupational therapy in PICU and low secure services, NAPICU has developed a National PICU Occupational Therapy Network.

Over the past decade, there has been an increasing need for mental health services to support children and young people (CYP).

Or aim is to enhance understanding of the challenges, share and learn from the many examples of excellence in everyday practice, and develop creative child-centered solutions, rooted in clinical practice.


The National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care (NAPICU) has partnered with the University of Salford, for a ground-breaking research project that aims to shape the urgent and intensive care provision for children and young people experiencing mental health problems in the UK.