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There is a paucity of research literature related to occupational therapy in the specialised field of PICU, and a lack of information relating to occupational therapists’ needs, challenges or what constitutes good practice.  To address this and increase knowledge of the scope and practice of occupational therapy in PICU and low secure services, NAPICU has developed a National PICU Occupational Therapy Network.

The network aims to enable occupational therapists to learn about the supportive opportunities provided by NAPICU and develop valuable practice and research links to achieve the Network’s aims:

  • Share good practice and service development initiatives
  • Develop knowledge of the role and contribution of occupational therapy in PICU and Low Secure services
  • Explore the evidence-base for occupational therapy intervention
  • Promote staff support

A successful and ongoing project by the network is the production of Practice issues and guidance on delivering and managing occupational therapy and activity-based intervention in PICUs in the context of Covid-19

Members have the opportunity to network on various topics in monthly Zoom meetings and receive monthly updates on issues relevant to the network.  Various projects are underway to benefit its members and PICU services as a whole.  Read more in our Introduction to the NAPICU Occupational Therapy Network

Who can join the network? Occupational therapists and occupational therapy support workers who are NAPICU members* – you can take out personal membership, or you are automatically a member if your service has ward membership.  Check for ward membership here.  You can obtain your ward membership website login from your ward manager or ward administrator.

*At this early stage of the network’s development, we are not inviting Engagement, Activity and Physical Health Practitioners, activity co-ordinators, therapeutic activity nurses, engagement co-ordinators, life skill recovery workers, social therapists or similar to join the network, but we do want to hear from you if you have a need and interest in networking as there may be scope to create such opportunities.

Current projects in progress

  • National survey of PICU occupational therapy – research proposal in progress,
  • Training modules to support the professional development of new and experienced occupational therapists and OT support workers in PICUs.

Direct inquiries and any specific training requests to the network lead – Becky Davies

What can I get involved in?

Writing for publication
Supporting activity support workers
CAMHS occupational therapy network
Occupational therapy promotional videos

For information on anything on this page in relation to the NAPICU Occupational Therapy Network contact

t:01355 244 585     e: info@napicu.org.uk or napicu.ot@outlook.com