About us

NAPICU is a not for profit multi-disciplinary organisation, which was formally established in 1996 and is also a registered charity -SC048876.

NAPICU is committed to developing and promoting the speciality of psychiatric intensive care services.  We are dedicated to improving patient experience and outcome, and to promoting staff support and development.

We promote research, education and practice development using quarterly meetings and annual conferences, our journal, training initiatives and this website and our social media.

Our members are mostly located in the United Kingdom and become members when working in specific wards or units, which join our association, or as individual mental health professionals from any discipline.  We also attract members from outside the UK.

We have the following aims:

  •      to improve patient experience and outcomes

  •      to promote staff support and development

  •      to improve the delivery of care

  •      to audit the effectiveness of care

  •      to promote research, education and practice development

  •      to provide best practice guidance in association with national bodies

Our Executive Committee works with key stakeholders at regional and national levels, to shape policy and practice in the area of acute inpatient psychiatry, including psychiatric intensive care services.

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