national association of psychiatric intensive care units

Bernard Fox

Bernard Fox

Director of Patient Representation

Bernard J. Fox suffered his first major psychotic episode in 2004. Sectioned, he spent time both in PICU and Acute care. Over three main admissions, Bernard has had direct experience of two PICUs and four Acute Wards. Since joining the NAPICU Executive Committee, Bernard has visited numerous PICUs across the country with NAPICU interest in mind.

Bernard has been involved in NAPICU’s collaboration with BAP (Rapid Tranquillisation Guidance) DIMH and the NAPICU/RCPSYC AIMS PICUS Accreditation scheme. Most recently assisting the UEA with Psychology training and examination.  

Fervently pro uniform for Hospital settings he remains very keen to share his experience where it might help to improve Patient/Care providers outcomes and job satisfaction.